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5 Cover Letters That Worked

The Success Story

The following candidate was looking for a Quality Assurance job in the video game industry. Thanks to his cover letter, he got himself an interview (and the job!).

Notice how he uses the second paragraph to elaborate on his passion for the video game industry, and then offers a couple of brief anecdotes to illustrate that passion. He doesn’t just repeat his resume word-for-word — in fact, he even states that he’s about to share some new information.

He also injects a bit of lighthearted humor into the letter towards the end, giving the employer an idea of how he might fit in with the organization. You don’t want to overdo it with humor, but showing a bit of personality here and there can help set you apart from the crowd.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I saw your job posting for a video game QA position and it caught my interest. My goal is to pursue a career in video game design and my research shows that a QA position is the logical entry-level position.

The enclosed resume details my background but what you won’t see on that resume are my strong analytical skills and passion for video games.

I see the world through a design lens: when traveling in Japan, I met a number of Japanese businessmen. We could not converse due to the language barrier but instead, communicated through a series of video games. Throughout my days, I come across things and can see them as the root of a video game. A recent trip to an older post office had me visualizing a zombie attack. (I actually forgot to mail my letter.) I even create games in my spare time.

I would love the chance to discuss this opportunity with you. tops my list of target employers as it is known as the organization for design and the ability to market the games.

I will plan to call you on November 3rd to follow up. In the interim, my contact information is listed below.


The Mistake →

So, you’ve heard or read somewhere that analytical skills are important for a resume. We’ll discuss exactly what analytical skills are and why it’s important for your resume. We’ll also give you some good examples and how to list them on your resume.


What are Analytical Skills?

Analytical skills are the ability to gather information, visualize and solve complex as well as simple problems with the information available. Critical thinking is sometimes confused with analytical thinking. Although critical thinking is a part of analytical skills, they have their differences.

Critical thinking involves observing a situation or product and using the facts to form an opinion. Your opinion on whether or not it’s correct is based upon your beliefs and experience.



Analytical thinking differs in that you’re given a set of complex problems which need to be broken down. Analytical thinking requires you to back your opinion with scientific facts. In other words, unlike critical thinking, analytical thinking doesn’t revolve around your best judgement but scientific and logical facts that support your opinion.

Keep in mind that critical thinking is part of good analytical skills.



Why Employers Look for Analytical Skills.

Including analytical skills on your resume is important because hiring managers want to see someone who’s good at analytical thinking. If you wanted to hire someone to manage your business, you would want them to have analytical skills. Analytical skills are useful for everything whether it’s seeking new business, developing the right relationships, dealing with employees or solving any issues that may arise.

We put together a list of the top 11 analytical skills to give you an idea of what you could include on your resume.


Top 11 Analytical Skills to Include on a Resume


1. Management

Show what you managed and a positive outcome. This shows the employer analytical skills as it’s impossible to be a successful manager without them.


2. Critical thinking

Although this is often confused with analytical thinking, it’s still important to show the employer that you possess critical thinking as it supports analytical skills. Hiring the right candidate for a position, for example, shows critical thinking.


3. Analysis 

Showing how you analyzed something and used the results to produce an outcome is also a great example of analytical skills.


4. Problem Solving

Show how you were faced with an issue and used analytical thinking to come up with a solution.


5. Improvements 

Did you refine a process or improve something to produce better results? If so, this is an excellent way to show your analytical thinking skills.


6. Planning

Planning and organizing an event, presentation or campaign is an excellent way to show analytical skills.

7. Research

Conducting research and digging for facts to come up with a conclusion. This really stresses analytical skills.


8. Comparison

Similar to research, a comparison of  two or more items to determine which would produce better results also requires strong analytical skills.


9. Numbers and Data  

Dealing with large numbers or information and organizing them to improve efficiency is very analytical.


10. Complexity

Handling something complex or technical shows analytical skills as it requires much thought, knowledge and analysis.


11. Achievements

This in itself is not very analytical but anytime you quantify achievements it shows analytical skills. How? You don’t achieve things without some analytical skill. Always make an effort to use numbers on your resume.


Where you Should Include Analytical Skills on Your Resume

You should be incorporating analytical skills in your cover letter, summary, experience and even your interests and activities. Playing chess, for example, is a game purely based on analytical skills. Don’t make the mistake of simply saying you possess “analytical skills”, show them with quantifiable achievements and experience.

We also put together a great article on skills you should include on a resume here.

Good luck with your job search!


Example: “Managed a team of 8 sales reps and increased sales by 27% in under a year.”

Example: “Hired and supervised a team of 4 developers to develop a software which was delivered 2 months ahead of schedule.”

Example: “Analyzed our marketing metrics and adjusted our strategy which increased ROI by 43%.

Example: “Reduced late payments from vendors by 60% through restructuring our accounts receivable policy.”

Example: “Refined our follow-up email templates which increased the conversion rate by 11%.”

Example: “Planned and coordinated our annual shareholders meeting which consisted of 2,500 attendees.” 

Example : “Researched less costly materials to use for manufacturing which decreased our cost of goods by 14%.”

Example: “Performed numerous A/B split tests to our sales page which resulted in an increase to our overall conversion rate by 29%.”

Example: “Utilized Excel to store and efficiently organize a database of over 17,000 customers.”

Example: “Developed a guide to easily explain complex accounting principles for my senior accounting students.”

Example: “Increased social media following by 240% by creating engaging and useful content.”


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