Essay On Leisure And Free Time

Some Productive Ways Students Can Spend Their Leisure Time

Leisure time may not come very frequently for students and should therefore be used wisely. Students should value this time as taking time out from their set routine of studying is of vital importance.Leisure time can be used for reflection, relaxation and setting goals into perspective.A good start would be to create a list of activities they would like to accomplish.They can then schedule these activities.These activities should bebeneficial to the body and mind.

Staying healthy and activeis vital for a well balanced life.A good diet with nutritional meals is important for students who want to stay healthy. Being active can lead to one having increased energy and can be relaxing as well! This does not need to include a rigirous exercise routine but can include a walk to the park to get some fresh air.Cleaning out personal belongings by tidyingup and organising is also a form of staying fit and can lead to a great sense of accomplishment when completed.

Students can stimulate their minds by meditating or learning new skills. This time can be used to try something they have wanted to do for ages but never had time for.There is perhaps even a book they have wanted to read. This can be relaxing and build up ones vocabulary at the same time! They could find their creative side by starting a hobby which can reduce stress and keep their minds active and creative. They can also use their time to reflect on their studies by looking at what they have learnt and what they may need to place more focus on. Ensuring they are up to date with everything will give them peace of mind.

Reviewing of the list of activitiesplanned is important as students will be able to see what they have accomplished during their leisure time. Crossing off activities will motivate students as they will see the goals they have reached and lead to them set new milestones. Time needs to be made to clear theirminds and gain perspective of the path they are following in life. This is crucial for self developmentand fulfillment of personal and developmental goals. Students need to focus onspending their leisure time on activities that are beneficial, worthwhile and will lead them to feeling empowered with a sense of accomplishment.

The Importance of Leisure Time Essay

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The Importance of Leisure Time
*No Works Cited Leisure is defined as freedom from the demands of work or duty. Everybody needs leisure in their lives, to balance the stress of work and life. Leisure helps re-energize and relax people, so they can perform activities well in their lives. People use their free time (leisure time) in a variety of different ways; engaging in outdoor activities, entertainment like watching movies or television, or just having time to themselves.. Another activity people enjoy doing is just socializing with family and friends. Leisure is an essential part of our lives, and the only problem with leisure is when can we enjoy it? In our society we have a hard time finding time to relax and take
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They might do this by cutting back on the hours they work a week. The near-retirement stage are individuals ranging from the ages of 50 and up. These people are on the verge of retirement and are planning what to do with the rest of their lives.
After their careers are over they are going to have nothing but time on they hands. At this point of there careers they are working lesser hours and responsibility at their job is decreasing. This helps make the transition from working to retirement much easier. I made a survey and issued it to three people who fall into the three stages. The survey consisted of a variety of question like age, gender, occupation, wages, leisure time, and activities. The first individual who took the survey fell into the beginning stage.
This person is a twenty one year old black male. He is a full time student at Illinois State and workers part time as a life guard at a indoor pool. He is not married and has no children. He works twenty plus hours a week and only makes $6.30 a hour. He works five days a week, but sometimes takes morning shifts on Saturdays. He considered leisure as any time away from work and school. He said he does not get a lot of leisure time, because he does not have any time to just relax. He has class all morning then in the evening he works and comes home and studies. The only leisure time he has is over

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