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Jason Tyson in Baton Rouge, Louisiana said: Hey, can anybody give me some advise on the careers in CADD. I've been in federallaw enforcement for 8yrs and I'm not the "corruptable" type so I decided not to re-enlist and look in CADD for a new line of work. It seems interesting and I have a little experince in engineeringdesign after I got my first patents last year for a wrist watch and a compact rebreather for Navy SEALs. So any guidence is greatly accepted thanks.

Think twice and hard before signing up for a Draftingeducation.

Engineering-Drafting has changed in the past 15-20 years where CAD software has become more Automated, Robust, and highly specialized to a engineering field. In the 80's and 90's CAD software increased productivity of a "DRAFTER" by elimination meticulous line-work or ART of making a blueprint. in the late 90's and to present CAD transitioning from a blue print machine into "Engineering Software" which really makes a virtual model of a project.

What has changed is CAD/Modling Software is becoming more catered to each particular engineering field where a model can be created, tested, manipulated, calculated, emailed can be performed (these are function of an engineer. Once an engineer has created a model with a little effort can make a beautiful drawing an simply let machine control handle the rest.

My advise is if your looking for a certificate or Associates in Drafting is don't do it. Instead find a program more specialized in you in a specific field and take some CAD on the side if you want to be in demand as a drafter.

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A Career as a Computer Programmer Essay

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Becoming a computer programmer would be great because there are many options in this career by having the ability to produce an operating system, or a game for the world. Computer programmers have many opportunities in life to find a job they would love. Programmers can work independently, or in a big company. Programmers have and are creating the future for computers.
Computer programmers have a wide range on what they can do. Computer programmers write the detailed list of instructions the computer will follow in the software (Great Sample Resume). This is also called “coding.” Programmers test their software, or other peoples, to see if it works properly (Career Cruising). Programmers study the tasks that the program will…show more content…

The programmer will either have to go to the business or the home in some sort of transportation, or by using his own computer. If the programmer is working on certain software for his clients, then he may have built it in a way to assist them from his computer.
All jobs need some sort of qualifications to work at that specific job. As a programmer, the person may not go very far if they only have a high school degree. Most employers require programmers to have at least a bachelor’s degree (Education Portal). Some higher-ranking jobs may even require a master’s degree (Education Portal). Some qualifications may be as simple as having a certain amount of experience (Education Portal). With an advanced degree and certain knowledge, a programmer could become a software engineer (Education Portal). Certain employers and jobs may want the programmer to have great technical skills, and programming needs in the businesses (Education Portal).
Other than going to school and getting a degree, employers may want more experience and more skills then the programmer may have. During college the programmer most likely spent an abundant amount of time programming for class and maybe some of their own projects. The programmer may get an internship and be supervised so they will eventually get the experience they need (Education Portal). Later down the road in life they my need more experience to get a higher up job. Experience and maybe more

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