Internal And External Motivation Essay

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Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation Essay

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

Students are generally classified by two different types of motivation, which are, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. These two types of motivation are the basis for a student’s action and their view of how they perceive schooling and even life. The first type of motivation is intrinsic motivation, which “generally refers to motivation to engage in an activity because that activity is enjoyable and satisfying to do” (Noels, Pelletier, Clément, & Vallerand, pg. 38, 2003). Intrinsic motivation is generally the best type of motivation for students to have, because doing certain activities is not being forced upon them; however, the students are enjoying the activities by themselves. This also leads to students creating interesting and self determining solutions for how to problem solve because they are working hard in order to solve the problem or do the activity. An example of intrinsic motivation can be seen everyday when a student thoroughly enjoys a class that they are taking. For example, let us say that a student is taking a math class and they are enticed by math. That student will most likely go home and work on the math homework first and devote the most time to it, because the student is intrinsically motivated to do it. The second major type of motivation is extrinsic motivation. According to Wlodkowski, in extrinsic motivation systems, teachers are perceived to motivate students through the engineering of rewards and punishments (1999). This type of motivation is used when students are not intrinsically motivated and must have some type of “push” in order to complete an assignment or learn a certain type of area. The main goal for teachers is to try and make students intrinsically motivated so that the student has a desire to learn instead of having to use punishments and rewards, which basically force students to be motivated.

Four Important Age Groups

Achieving motivation in the classroom setting is a very difficult task especially since every person is motivated differently and different types of motivation must be applied depending on the age group of the students. There are four major groups that are categorized by age.

The first major age group is the primary-grade students, which consist of students in elementary school, Kindergarten through fifth grade. Motivation for this age group can be achieved in a positive physical environment and a psychological atmosphere. Creating a positive physical environment for the students could involve having the classroom decorated with brightly colored signs and posters (Doyle, 1986). This environment would create a friendly atmosphere that would inspire students to be interested in what they are doing in the classroom. In Lumsden’s article on students’ motivation to learn, she states, “Young children appear to be propelled by curiosity, driven by an intense need to explore, interact with, and make sense of their environment”...

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But, then again, motivation is basically divided into two parts, which might lead to ask how internal vs. external motivation differs?

Internal vs External Motivation

Motivation  can be either external (extrinsic) and internal (intrinsic).

External motivation – the driving force that triggers you in achieving your goal. Such as:

  • Money.
  • Prize.
  • A simple smile and encouragement.

Internal motivation – the force that leads you to achieve a goal because of personal satisfaction or desire. Examples are:

  • Putting up your own business.
  • Participating in a competition.

Trophies, medals, money, discounts, grades, entrance to programs or schools, new clothes and losing weight are all examples of extrinsic motivators. These are used to motivate individuals to pursue their goals.

Here are some more examples of external motivation:

  • Doing an article for a specific website in exchange for a high salary.
  • Joining a web design competition just to win a brand new iPad Air.
  • A company needs an employee who is a research addict.
  • Doing a logo design for a very prestigious company.
  • A company looking for a versatile IT enthusiast.

These are examples of internal motivation:

  • Determination to get a college education.
  • Putting up  a computer cafe.
  • Working for a company as a blogger.
  • Participation in an online game competition.
  • Pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Intrinsically motivated, you are able to feel some enjoyment and personal satisfaction and develop the skill and competency that you want. It’s a personal accomplishment. It is not about getting something in return.

Ways To Get Motivated Externally

  • Disregard What Is NOT Important. Spending so much time on insignificant things is useless.Wasting your time on nonsense is crap. By doing so will give you a time to focus and be productive. Consider only the things that would be beneficial to you.
  • Reject Boredom. Boredom means being empty. Think of things that inspire you, things that make you smile. Spend your quality time with really what is worth the effort.
  • Laugh a Lot. Spend some time for yourself. Treat yourself to a movie, go swimming, invite friends for a house party. Celebrate. Having a great time could be a great source of stress reliever. Moreover, you get inspirations from it.
  • Stay Fit. For some, this is a difficult task to do for they are timid. Pump up irons, jog and do some push ups, go running around your house. It will eventually disturb your physical body, killing laziness and giving you a warm feeling.

  • Make a  Playlist. Have a list of your favorite songs. Try downloading some of it from Top Billboards charts or from iTunes.  Listening to music can inspire you and get that awesome mood to keep everything on the go. Just don’t turn up the volume to recreate the scene. The only thing better than silence is good music.

  • Avoid Energy Leeches. Braggers, bummers, killjoys- these people are all sucking up your energy. Don’t get caught under their destructive domain. Isolating yourself from these parasites can set your mood successfully.
  • Make Time to be Creative. Discover a new passion. When it comes to building your creativity, Why not try web designing. Take some risks. While your efforts may not lead to success every time, your new found talent will benefit you in the future..

  • Support an Advocacy. Support a cause in your neighborhood. Lend a hand. Attend seminars. Go tree planting. Mother nature will surely be crying for your tremendous effort and generosity.
  • Have a Break. Call or invite a friend to watch the latest blockbuster movie. Grab a bag of popcorn and soda and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Diet Shift. How about changing your diet? Explore and try to devour some new recipes. Break your usual meal.  If you love meat, then, it is your time to become vegetarian. Eat and live well. For some people eating is an effective stress reliever..

Ways To Get Motivated Internally

  • Think Fun and Variety. Work hard, play hard. It’s nice to think that you are enjoying what you are doing. You no longer feel that it is work.. You are exactly doing both! Monotony is a killer. Motivation comes from doing what is fun. Be happy..

  • Make or Deal with Yourself. This avoids procrastination and getting things done. You just simply tell yourself that if you finished a certain task, you treat yourself for some mouth-watering ice cream or a walk in the beach..
  • Be Efficient. Take time to rest and think of ways how  would you become productive. Look for some ways how to get things done in minimal time. Every minute counts.
  • Clean Your Room. Try giving your room a total  make-over. Throw some old stuff out of your room. Embrace the unconventional and new. Start fresh. This gives you a sense of beginning..

  • Always Think of Your Achievements. Consider your success rather than your failures. It gives you a satisfying relief recalling what you did that made other people proud of you.
  • Generate Anticipation. Set a date in the future about something. Make that the start date and get excited about that date. This would make you look forward about the date..

  • Master a Skill. Mastering a skill tends to give you a reason to be hooked on it and helps you to think more of other possible and creative ways to enhance it. This is where inspiration comes in.
  • Try Befriending Courage and Altruism. Having the courage to do things makes an individual pursue and finish something. It’s their desire. Pair it with the feeling that show motivation to help other people and not being selfish.
  • Believe in yourself. Trusting yourself that you can do it unleashes your adrenaline into a high level. This helps you develop the vigor and the power to move on..

  • Introspect. Try looking at yourself in the mirror. Close your eyes and imagine yourself alone. Try to ask yourself questions that  would make you feel happy. In your solitude, you can focus on yourself.

How Do You Hold on to Your Motivation?

Holding on to your motivation is a little bit exhausting. We need to find ways to overcome it. Try some of these.

  • Try setting a goal. This is very important. Divide your goals into several minor goals, each goal leading to your major goal. This will also help you see your goal if it’s feasible or not.
  • Understand what you are doing and acquire the habit of always getting to the finish line.
  • Socialize with achievers and associate yourself with motivated individuals. Share your interest with them.
  • Never entertain the idea of procrastination. This leads to being timid.
  • Look at your goals in a wider perspective with a feeling of joy and positivity.


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