Gettysburg College First Day Essay

Akiko Kobayashi Bowers Japanese Language Award
Presented to the student with the highest level of proficiency in the Japanese language through the 202 level as determined by grades and overall language proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Oscar W. Carlson Memorial Award
Created by the family of Oscar W. Carlson ‘21, to be given to a senior who demonstrates excellent academic achievement through his or her junior year in three or more courses in the Department of Religious Studies, including two courses above the 100-level.

Chinese Language Award
Presented to the student with the highest level of proficiency in the Chinese language through the 202 level as determined by grades and overall language proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Delta Phi Alpha Prize
Awarded to the outstanding student for the year in the Department of German.

Award for Excellence in Theory and Practice in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Given to a senior major for outstanding achievement in the study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies theories and for the action on behalf of under-served groups.

Samuel Garver Latin Prize
Created by the Rev. Austin S. Garver (1869) in memory of his father, to be awarded to the student who has made the greatest progress in Latin during the first year of college.

Samuel Garver Greek Prize
Created by the Rev. Austin S. Garver (1869) in memory of his father, to be awarded to the student who has made the greatest progress in Greek during the first year of college

Gettysburg College Award in Athletics
Awarded to a female student who excels in one or more varsity sports and who achieves the highest academic average among winners of varsity letters.

David H. Greenlaw Memorial Prize
Created by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Greenlaw in memory of their son, David H. Greenlaw ’66, to be awarded to the student who has offered exceptional contributions to the College’s theatre program.

Edwin T. Greninger Award in History
Established by Edwin T. Greninger ’41, to be awarded on the basis of the quality of a student’s paper written for any of the courses in the Department of History.

James Hamilton and Lucretia Irvine Boyd Hartzell Award
Created by James Hamilton Hartzell ’24 and his wife, to be awarded to a sophomore student for outstanding scholarship and promise in the field of history.

Harry C. and Catherine Noffsinger Hartzell Award
Created by James Hamilton Hartzell ‘24 in memory of his parents, to be awarded to the outstanding junior student in the Department of Sociology and in the Department of Anthropology.

Hassler Latin Prize
Established by Charles W. Hassler, to be awarded to the best Latin student in the junior class.

John A. Hauser Meritorious Prize in Business
Created by the family of John A. Hauser, to be awarded to an outstanding organization and management studies major who has achieved excellence in both academic studies and campus leadership, while demonstrating good character and concern for high moral standards.

Grace C. Kenney Award
Created to honor Grace C. Kenney, an educator for 39 years at Gettysburg College, to be given to a junior or senior. First preference is given to a student who has participated in health sciences studies and who has demonstrated the highest academic accomplishments and leadership skills.

J. Andrew Marsh Memorial Awards
Awarded each year to the sophomore and junior students of Gettysburg College who best exemplify the “whole person” concept through positive attitude, exceptional spirit, high standards, and notable achievement, both curricular and extracurricular.

Dr. George R. Miller and Dr. Richard T. Mara First-Year Student Prize in Physics
Created by alumni and friends in memory of George R. Miller ’19 and Richard T. Mara ’48, to be awarded to a sophomore for outstanding performance in physics as a first-year student.

Toni Morrison–Wole Soyinka Africana Studies Essay Award
Given annually to the student writing the best essay in Africana studies.

Muhlenberg First Year Student Prize
Created by Dr. Frederick A. Muhlenberg (1836), to be awarded to the first-year student taking Greek or Latin who attains the highest general quality point average.

William F. Muhlenberg Award
Awarded to two juniors on the basis of character, scholarship, and proficiency in campus activities.

Dr. John W. Ostrom Composition Awards
Established by Dr. John W. Ostrom ’26, to be awarded to the student who demonstrates the greatest overall improvement in first-year writing and to the student who demonstrates consistent excellence in English 201.

Anthony di Palma Memorial Award
Established by the family of Anthony di Palma ‘56, to be awarded to the junior having the highest marks in history. Other things being equal, preference is given to a member of Sigma Chi fraternity.

Major General James Milnor Roberts Distinguished ROTC Award
In memory of Major General James Milnor Roberts, who served as Chief of the Army Reserves from 1971-1975, Executive Director of the Reserve Officers Association, and Chairman of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Society, this award honors an outstanding ROTC student at Gettysburg College who possesses the qualities demonstrated by Major General Roberts, including academic excellence, dedicated leadership, and personal integrity.

Martha Ellen Sachs Prize
Created by John E. Haas in memory of his aunt, a lecturer at the College, to be awarded to a student exhibiting excellence in English composition, with consideration given to improvement made during the year.

Captain Michael D. Scotton (1982) Award
Established by David R. and Sally R. Scotton, parents of Michael D. Scotton, to be awarded to a junior who demonstrates a high degree of extracurricular activity and diligence in his or her academic work.

Senior Scholarship Prize
Established by the Class of 1996 and Mr. Robert Stockberger ’33, to be presented annually to two rising seniors who best exemplify Gettysburg College through academics and service to the campus community. The Senior Scholarship Prize Fund is augmented with future senior class gifts.

Silent Leader Award
Given in memory of Emily Silverstein ’11, a passionate member of the campus community and a fervent advocate for peace, the silent Leader Award is presented annually to a student who demonstrates exceptional and sustained dedication to enacting change through service.

Tarek A. Tannous Memorial Award
Established by Jana W. Jackle, Class of 1997, in memory of Tarek A. Tannous, a member of the Class of 1996, presented to a student whose insight into global issues, interest in human nature, or passion for philosophical discourse is an inspiration to others.

Samuel P. Weaver Scholarship Prizes
Established by Samuel P. Weaver ’04, to be awarded to the two students writing the best essays on an assigned topic in the field of constitutional law and government.

Earl E. Ziegler Junior Mathematics Award
Created by Phi Delta Theta alumni, to be given in honor of Earl E. Ziegler, associate professor of mathematics at Gettysburg College from 1935- 1968. Awarded to the mathematics major who has the highest average in mathematics through the junior year.



Two things make Gettysburg College's location extraordinary--what's here and what happened here. Less than a mile from the sites of the Battle of Gettysburg and the famous Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln, our 200-acre campus connects to a famous and engaging town that offers a variety of options when you decide it's time to head off campus. Downtown you'll find an eclectic array of stores, restaurants, and cultural offerings, including the Majestic Theater, art galleries sponsoring First Friday openings each month, and many other attractions. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the area's kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking, three nearby ski and snowboard resorts, and outstanding hiking trails, including the Appalachian Trail. And the College offers easy access to three major metropolitan areas: Harrisburg (45 minutes), Baltimore (60 minutes), and Washington, D.C. (80 minutes).

Campus Facilities & Equipment

The 55,000 square foot John F. Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness is a sleek facility with an array of athletic and fitness areas including a fitness center, a bouldering area and rock climbing wall, and a natatorium with eight competition lanes and a four-lane warm-up pool. There are more than 35 fitness classes (some are student-led) each week, from aerobics to Pilates to spinning to yoga to Zumba. Nearly all students take advantage of the opportunities for recreation and fitness at Gettysburg.

The Majestic Theater, a renovated and restored 1926 vaudeville theater, seats 830 and features two cinema theatres. The Majestic hosts world-class performances by visiting artists and a stage for College music and theatre performances.

The Science Center, McCreary Hall, and Masters Hall are at the heart of scientific research on campus. The Science Center is a state-of-the-art teaching and research facility and houses a greenhouse, a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, and a Geographical Information System lab. McCreary is home to the latest equipment for biology, and there is space for cognitive neuroscience, an infant research lab, and a vivarium. Masters Hall houses the Physics department. Inside are atomic and nuclear physics labs, a planetarium, an accelerator research lab, and a plasma research lab.

Off-Campus Opportunities

At Gettysburg, everyone has the option of off-campus study and we encourage every student to consider it. Studying off campus offers many obvious benefits—a more global perspective, fluency in another language, and a deeper firsthand knowledge of critical world issues. There are a rich and diverse range of off-campus study options all over the world: in any given semester, Gettysburg students are on six continents, representing all majors and disciplines. In addition to taking course work toward their major, students abroad may be conducting field research, working as interns, living with local people, and studying languages ranging from Arabic to Zulu. By the time they graduate, nearly 60 percent of Gettysburg students have spent at least a semester abroad. In fact, the Institute of International Education has ranked Gettysburg College 2nd in the country for semester-long study abroad experiences.


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