Com200 Week 3 Assignment

Interpersonal CommunicaTonI.Introduction- Thesis Statement Interpersonal communication is vital to the life of a marriage. Without communication the marriage is likely to fail. One of the biggest challenges with interpersonal communication lies in our ability to share our inner world, inhabited by feelings, desires, goals and needs, with another person.1)Body Paragraph # 1 - Explain the principles of and barriers to effective interpersonal communications. (You don’t have to list the objectives in this order, but be sure you cover all of them.)A.In any relationship, communication is key. However, with any relationship there are going to be barriers that can stand in the way of effective communication.B.Misperceptions stand as a barrier in communication because of the way the message is perceived. Misperceptions can be caused a number of ways. Body language or negligencecan be taken as a misperception. i.There are difficulties in any long distant relationship. Communication is usually limited to phone calls or text messages. With the phone being the only means of communication, it can be easy to misinterpret what your spouse says. Long distant relationships also can be the cause of stress, money issues and feelings of neglect. It is important to communicate thesefeelings in order to get through this barrier. Being in an intergenerational relationship can cause communication issues. Both parties have different interests and beliefs. They both must remember that marriage is based on communication and compromise and must respect each others differences.

OUTLINE PAPER 2 I. Introduction- Thesis Statement Hello Jack and Jill, I would first like to take a moment to say congratulations on your recent engagement, and the next chapter in spending your lives together. Communication is what marriage is built upon and how it functions. When communicating in a relationship it can determine whether your realitonship will be long lasting, or whether it will end with heartache. Communication is a skill that no one is perfect at, but everyone can learn beneficial ways to communicate more effectively which is the key a life-long happy marriage. A. Thesis Statement-To keep communication in your relationship, you should know the principles of effective interpersonal communications, identify the principles of and barriers to effective interpersonal communications, understand the role of communication in developing and maintaining one’s self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem, know the role of emotional intelligence, evaluate the appropriate levels of self-disclosure in relationships, and learn strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts and understanding the gender roles between both. By learning all these important lessons, you will be able to maintain and continue a healthy relationship.


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